Rencontres INEDITS participation

The Institut Jean Vigo has recently become member of “Inédits”, an international association born in 1991 whose purposes and goals are the encouragement, the promotion, the coordination of every activity related to the research, the restoration, the conservation, the valorization and the diffusion of amateur films.

The main theme of the next “Rencontres” of the association (which will take place in Paris the 23rd, the 24th and the 25th October) is “Women and amateur cinema”. Following this idea we are proposing a program of films based on 4 topics and constructed from our archives. “The mannequin woman” is an editing of local news by Louis Llech shot in the first Fifties, consisting of shows and contests. “The Woman and the landscape” proposes ladies walking in the nature, while “The woman mother” shows, during the war, the everyday life of women continuing to take their children to the park or to the beach. In the end, “The woman and the work” presents of course the cooking and the factory making, but also the handicraft in the Seventies and in the Eighties.