Arxiu del So i de la Imatge de Mallorca (ASIM)


The Arxiu del So i de la Imatge de Mallorca (ASIM), or “Archive of Sound and Images of Mallorca”, created by the Council of Mallorca, was inaugurated on May 11, 1999.

It depends on the Section of Archives and Documental Heritage of the Department for Culture, Heritage and Sport, and is an archive specialized in film, photography, music and oral history related to the island of Mallorca, with free access for all its citizens.

The Archive boasts various kinds of collections divided into:

A) Photo Library (photography collections)

It contains 43 photography collections, the most important of which is the Rullan Collection (1921-1981), which in 1999 became part of the Archive. It includes photographs by Gaspar Rullan Garcias and his son Francesc Buades Rullan.

It comprises 100,000 negatives and 1,000 positives.

B) Film Library (film collections)

It consists of 41 document groups making up more than 300 film reels with the following formats: 35 mm, 16 mm, 9.5 mm, 8 mm and S8 (1915- 2011).

C) Audiovisual (video collections)

It contains about 2000 magnetic (U-matic, Betacam SP, VHS and DVCAM) and digital recordings (DVD, avi, mov, etc.).

D) Audio Library (audio collections)

Music collection of Mallorca.

Arxiu d’Historia Oral Joan Miralles (AHOJM), or “Archive of Oral History Joan Miralles”.

Audio Collection of COPE Mallorca.

Tonades de Feina, or “Work Songs” (29 CD).

Glosadors, or “Folk Poets”. Digital records (MP3) (1986-2010).

E) Special Collections

Film handbills (1920-1970), 4793 units; film posters (1950-2000), 170 units; advertisements and film postcards (1920-1970); film, photo and video devices.

F) Auxiliary Library

The auxiliary library in the ASIM consists of about two thousand books and one thousand leaflets. This library collection deals with the issues the Archive is concerned about: photography, film, television, radio, etc.


Quaderns de l’So i Arxiu of the Imatge, or “Journal of the Archive of Sound and Images” (2002-2008).

Exhibition catalogues (1999-2014).

Catalogues of Young Photographers (2000-2006).

Les Musiques de Mallorca, or “Music of Mallorca”, DVD collection (2006-2008).