Filmoteca de Catalunya —The Film Archive of Catalonia

Filmoteca de Catalunya is the public institution responsible for the preservation and diffusion of the Catalan film heritage since 1981. It depends on the ICEC, the Catalan Institute for Cultural Enterprises, which is part of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia.

Two new buildings were built in order to carry out the two main goals of the Filmoteca: the conservation and the promotion of the film heritage. Its headquarters, which includes two projection rooms, a library and an exhibition hall, is located in the centre of Barcelona and welcomes over 100,000 visitors per year. The conservation centre is located in Terrassa, 40 km away from Barcelona, ​​and has been specially designed to preserve the Catalan film heritage. It is a building that houses the film collection, with a structure mostly underground and areas dedicated to offices, inspection of material, cataloguing, preservation and restoration of films.

Filmoteca de Catalunya boasts the largest film collection in our country, and its collections allow for our cultural diversity to be displayed, from early cinema until today. More than 30,000 titles from 1896 to the present: fiction, documentaries, advertising, animation, news and amateur, in all formats and systems, whether photochemical, analogue or digital.

Filmoteca has a staff of 48 people devoted to film heritage. All the activities in the Filmoteca programme can be found on the web