Do a search

Research is immediately accessible at the top of all pages via the input field of the search engine. It covers all the information in the documentary notes.

Simply type the first few letters of a word, the search engine will show full documents containing the input string.
If you enter multiple words (separated by a space) the engine will search for documents containing all the words.
To search for an exact phrase, enclose it in quotes.

The engine displays the records in which the query words are highlighted along with a thumbnail giving an overview of the document. You have to click on « View all results » or directly on the document that you want to see.

To refine a search menu to the right of the page a list of results provides a refining year, localisation, theme, length, image, sound, gauge, genre, film archive.

When the search has been refined or class has been selected, the filters appear in the menu on the right, some can be deleted by clicking on the cross on the right.

Showing search results

The display can be:

- As a list: access to the bibliographic record is done by clicking on the thumbnail to the left of the short notice

- In the form of thumbnails, accompanied by the document title

- On an interactive map: access to the user is done by clicking on the icons

- On a timeline: access to the user is done by clicking on the icon before the title

View a document

Bibliographic record

This is the bibliographic record. It is possible to share a document on social networks.


From the bibliographic record, you can access the document by clicking on the image.
The document opens in a viewer for:

- For movies: view the document in full screen and high definition

- For the images to zoom in and view the collections for the pages in thumbnail icon (bottom left of the screen).

URL of the document

The URL of the document that appears in the browser bar is useful for listing in the search engines. To make a reference to a document of the digital library, it is preferable to use the address in the Permalinks section below the thumbnail to the left in the bibliographic record (such yoolib / memoirefilmiquedusud / ….).

For optimal use of the digital library, please use the latest updated versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.