Mémoire filmique du Sud at the Festival des créations télévisuelles of Luchon, at the Luchon’s Casino on february 13th.

Each year, the Festival de Luchon gives Cinémathèque de Toulouse carte blanche for an evening. For this edition, the Cinémathèque partnered with Jean Vigo Institute to showcase some of the finest rarities coming from their common project « Mémoire Filmique du Sud »The Festival audience, as diverse as it is usually – TV professionals, locals, etc. – will enjoy re-discovering Luchon as it was fifty years ago, with its thermal baths and snowy slopes, thanks to a couple of home-movies. Formica advertising will bring back the audience into the 50′s, while toys out of the Capitole’s (Toulouse main square) shops will drag them into the 30′s. They will also admire Figeac in the 40′s, the Roussillon and the Lot in the 60′s. The programme will wrap up by portraying a flamboyant pizza chef of Toulouse in 1986.


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Some vidéos :

Journée à Superbagnère Noël 1933

C’est Formica, c’est Formidable!

[Publicité pour les magasins de jouets de la place du Capitole à Toulouse]

Canet hiver

Madame Rini