Participation in the first Rencontres Audiovisuelles « Images Pyrénéennes » in Prades

The Jean Vigo Institut will be participating on November 24th, in the Rencontres Audiovisuelles « Images Pyrénéennes » in Prades, taking place on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of November at the Lido Cinema.
As part of a « carte blanche » entitled, « Pays Terres Romanes, Films de patrimoine du Massif Pyrénéen », we will show a selection of films on the territory from our regional archives and particularly from the project «Mémoire filmique du Sud».
There will be a good selection of documentaries – including « Pablo Casals » (a 1952 film of the concert given in 1950 in Prades during the bicentennial of Bach’s death) and «Complexe hydraulique de Vinça» (a 1978 film on the construction of a dam and its` functions) – but there will also be the journeys: «D’Ax les Thermes à Vernet les Bains» and  «Weekend au Canigou» from the 1950s. The films that follow will be more « amateur » works, such as «Ascension à Saint Martin du Canigou par une automobile et 2 motocyclettes» from 1932, as well as extracts from «Roussillon Magazine» (a series of news segments filmed between 1949 and 1952 by Louis Llech , an amateur Perpignan filmmaker who was a member of «Club des Amateurs Cinéastes du Roussillon») filmed in part in the Conflent and in the Cady valley.