Roussillon des 4 saisons

A promotional film about the Pyrénées-Orientales making an inventory of sites and departmental rites. Departure from the airport and then arrival in Perpignan by car followed by an exploration of the different areas of the city : Moulin à vent, Campus, Castillet, the ancient city, shops, markets, town hall, Palace of the Kings of Majorca. We then travel the road of Romanesque art of the Two Catalonias and stop in many villages and natural sites steeped in history. A presentation including: St Martin du Canigou, a Romanesque church with diverse Christ and Virgin figures from the tenth to thirteenth centuries and medieval sculptures, frescoes from the twelfth century of St. Martin de Fenouillet, the painters of Collioure, the Bay of Port- Vendres, carvings and the tomb of Aristide Maillol in Banyuls, the fortress of Salses from the sixteenth century, the fortifications of Vauban de Villefranche -de- Conflent, the castle of Quéribus, the gorges of Galamus, the roads along the cliffs. Then the arrival at the villages in the heights of: Vallespir, Eus in particular, Prats -de- Mollo and Mount Canigou, the landscapes of Corbieres, and the vineyards of Côtes Vermilion and Albère. We also discover the solar oven of Odeillo, and the liner of the sands ( Lydia ) from Barcarès , and the ice rink and Olympic training center of Font -Romeu . The film takes place over one year: over the course of the seasons , we find different events (the ceremony of Holy Week, Catalan songs of spring, grape harvest, and the picking of cherries and apricots), and the activities of local artisans (winemaker, potter, weaver, artist, manufacturer of sneakers, shepherd, fisherman, the canning industry, cap factory), tourism (skis and ski lifts at Capcir, Puigmal, and Font Romeu , concerts, resorts at Argelès, spas at Moligt les Bains and Vernet les Bains... ). We also see the flowering of the vines, and wine tasting accompanied by Catalan specialties .

Leherissey, Jean
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